SMS Gateway

SmartTel offers SMS comunications through the SMS Gateway, available through all Romanian mobile telecommunications providers: Orange, Vodafone, Cosmote and Zapp. Our clients use our SMS messaging for sending information about:

  • Credit management
  • Informational messages
  • Collection campaigns
  • Marketing

Online platform

The online SMS message platform allows complete autonomy of the bank. This platform allows groups of users to upload the files to be transmitted, modify the message type, visualize delivery reports in real time and generate periodical or campaign reports.

Through SmartTel, the clients have access to the complete monitorizing and reporting of initiated promotional campaigns, through an online SMS message platform.

  • This service is specially designed for each client
  • Report sending is assured by SmartTel
  • The message uploading and template and user rights predefining is autonomous

Mail2SMS, SMS2Mail

Through the Mail2SMS service, the company can automatically send the message text and the numbers to be accessed through an e-mail at a given address. The messages are automatically collected and sent by the SmartTel SMS Gateway.

The SMS2Mail service allows for the redirecting of received SMSs to a preset email address, thus making possible the storing of information on an email account chosen by the user.