SMS Messaging

SmartTel clients have access to information regarding their bank accounts. There is a possibility of subscribing other people on the card or account as secondary users, an option useful for companies that have SmartTel user groups for the same account. For receiving information on the account, the user must dial the short number 1881 (1681 for Cosmote users) or send an SMS to 1881, respectively 1681.

The format of the message received from the bank is as follows:



  • XXXX is the current card or account
  • DDMMYY represents the date (day month year)
  • S is the available amount

SmartTel 3G

SmartTel 3G covers clients who are Zapp mobile phone users. In order to use this service, the client must access the application located in the ‘Favorites’ menu, using the address

SmartTel 3G provides useful services such as listing the locations of the bank’s ATMs or allowing them to view information of different interest rates for retail or corporation customers, and also allows access to information such as the currency rate performed in transactions on the current date or the day before, or contacts – address, phone, fax – of the bank branch network.

Registered users also gain access to account information. This access is enabled by username – the phone number of the client, and password based.

SmartTel WAP

SmartTel WAP is available for Vodafone and Orange subscribers. It offers information regarding the account’s situation, credit or debit cards, location of bank ATMs, interest rates, currency rate performed in transaction on the current date or the day before, and also bank contact data and password changing features.

SmartTel WAP can be accessed by Vodafone subscribers by typing the address in their mobile browser and by Orange subscribers by selecting the ‘Bazar’ sub menu from the Orange WAP menu, or at the address