Mobile Banking

SmartTel offers a financial portal on each mobile telephone (using SMS, WAP, HTTP) that allows easy acces to banking products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without being limited by the bank units’ working schedule. SmartTel is able to sustain a wide range of banking services, the desired mobile banking offer being customized in accordance to the client’s profile determined by the bank.

These services allow account and credit or debit card management.

Account management:

  • Account balances at a specific hour, day or date
  • SMS for changes in account balances
  • SMS to confirm transfers from accounts
  • SMS to confirm scheduled payments
  • SMS for receiving a bill
  • SMS for insufficient funds to pay the bills

Credit or debit card management:

  • SMS for accessing the overdraft
  • SMS for exceeding credit limit
  • SMS for withdrawals or payments over a predefined amount
  • Following installment date and the amount to be paid
  • Alerts for new services or changes in services attached to the card
  • Message for expired card
  • Message on card activation

SMS Messaging

The Short Message Service (SMS) is a service part of the mobile communications system GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), that allows the exchange of short written messages between mobile telephones. SMSs are, at the present time, the most used data application in the world.

In the world of today, fast and dynamic, the mobile telephone and, consequently, short messages have become one of the most appreciated of communication types, with varied applications in different domains. The SMS industry is a vast one, at the same time strongly interconnected with various other major industries.

SMS marketing has managed to impose itself through a very powerful selling channel that benefits from frequent innovations and upgrades. From loyalty and informative campaigns to cross-selling, the SMS industry is developing continuously and is able to attract a growing audience, due to the low costs it carries and the speed and ease of communicating.