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SMS Banking

The SmartTel SMS Banking channel offers a fast, non-intrusive method for communicating with the customer for banking, marketing and informative purposes. For the SMS access, the messages are created and sent from the Administration module directly on the client’s device.

  • Balance inquiry
  • Credit / debit card last transactions
  • Credit / debit card transaction alerts
  • Credit card minimum installment
  • Antifraud alerts
  • SmartTel offers a mobile banking service built upon over 15 years of working with the top Romanian banks and operators, a reliable and customizable solution designed specifically to meet all of our clients requirements
  • Our solution enables advanced customizations such as a personalized sender, that allows sending SMSs under a chosen label and programmed dispatch, transmitting SMSs during configurable intervals
  • We are able to guarantee transmitting a certain volume of messages based on certain thresholds per month or year. We also guarantee that the messages are transmitted in a certain preset interval. This ensures the continuity of the service, as well as its best performance
  • SmartTel offers delivery reports for transmitted messages, so our clients can be certain that their customers are reached
  • SmartTel provides support and maintenance for its applications, as well as improvements, updates and extra modules. Our experience enables us to anticipate the needs of our clients and to structure our response and remediation times in order to best suit them

SMS Marketing

The SmartTel SMS Marketing service offers an additional customer communication channel for banks and other companies, used to transmit both informative messages regarding the customers’ accounts balance and promotional information.

SmartTel offers the following mobile marketing services:
  • E-vouchers with promotions and fidelity programs;
  • Marketing messages for informing about a new products/services;
  • Cross-selling messages for existing customers;
  • Retention offers to clients with a high propensity to leave the service;
  • Commercial SMS campaigns using the Operator’s database with certain selection criteria;
  • Commercial & marketing campaigns that target customers with geolocation.

The company can choose to transmit messages with a personalized sender, can configure the time span for the messages to be transmitted and program delayed delivery.

SmartTel’s SMS marketing solution is an important part of the communication mix, offering multiple benefits such as:
  • Low costs compared to classical campaigns;
  • Immediate feedback;
  • Available device diversity;
  • High visual impact;
  • Client bonding through the communication with target audiences of mobile consumers.

Interactive SMS campaigns allow the reception of information from the customer to the bank, during communication or marketing campaigns, through an SMS sent to a short number.

  • Data collection: an SMS is sent to the customers prompting them to reply with specific information (e.g. email address)
  • Lead collection 1: an SMS is sent to the customer with an offer and a call to action at the end “Reply YES and we will contact you with more details”
  • Lead collection 2: a marketing campaign on different media prompts the customer to send an SMS to a short number
  • Cost efficiency
  • You are only paying for the messages effectively transmitted to your clients.
  • Increased client knowledge
  • You can obtain direct information about your client.
  • Better customer communication
  • You are able to measure and improve the impact of your message.
  • Campaign management
  • You will have access to the complete monitoring and reporting of your campaigns.
SmartTel’s software application allows the entire management of SMS campaigns:
  • SMS-MO extraction from the participants;
  • Validation of received messages and codes;
  • SMS-MT transmission to the participants with pre-defined messages depending on the validation results;
  • Weekly or daily reports on campaign traffic, statistical reports on unique participants etc.

The company can choose to transmit messages with a personalized sender, can configure the time span for the messages to be transmitted and program delayed delivery.

Triggered by the customer’s buying pattern, the E-voucher solution works as an add-on for a customer loyalty program, allowing a customer to receive e-coupons with special promotions by SMS.

SmartTel’s SMS Debt Collection solutions offer:
  • Payment reminders before the due date and notifications of the customers;
  • Notifications of the customers late on installment reimbursements at various stages of a collection process;
  • Notifications of the customer of the upcoming inscription in the Credit Bureau database with negative information.

One Time Password

SmartTel One Time Password authentication is a secure method for accessing mobile banking services using a OneTime Password (OTP). OTPs are sent through SMS and are available for all mobile devices.

SmartTel employs One Time Password authentication for the following services:
  • Mobile Banking: SMS Tokens are a type of OTP which are sent through SMS and are available for all mobile devices;
  • Online Banking: for each online transaction that uses a 3D-Secure card with a dynamic password option, a One Time Password is sent to the card holder, through SMS, in this way preventing any fraud attempt.

SmartTel works in partnership with Romcard to provide 3D-Secure services through the “Verified by VISA” system. 3D-Secure is a secure authentication protocol used by card issuers to verify the authenticity of each transaction through a dynamic password.


SmartTel TopUp allows the instant electronic recharge of all prepaid cards in all mobile networks, straight from the mobile phone, from an ATM or through mobile banking.

  • A sole integration point between the bank and the operators
  • Easily integrated web-based interface
  • A complete suite of services, including maintenance and support
  • Turn-key solution, covering any security, confidentiality, reporting and monitoring requirement of banking systems
  • Built-in alert generation module and ability to integrate with monitoring platforms
  • Wide range of reports, both for business and for technical users
  • Vast implementation experience
  • Excellent referrals from banks and operators
  • A new constant revenue flow
  • The increased customer appreciation of services offered
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Decreased cash handling
  • A unique integration point with all service operators through SmartTel
  • Marketing goals shared with operators
  • A launch pad for new and attractive services such as Mobile Payments


Secured authentications and transactions for facilitating payments through a virtual card. M-Wallet is an application that creates a virtual card number on the customer’s mobile phone, that can be used for payments without requiring a physical card, for retailers that use POS terminals. The virtual card number is generated within the M-Wallet application after introducing a valid card number.

  • User-friendly - transactions are easy to perform, anytime, anywhere
  • Convenient - payments can be made without a physical card, through a POS, using only the customer’s virtual M-Wallet card number which securely transmits the encrypted data to the bank servers, card issuer servers and the M-Wallet server
  • Simple infrastructure - easy to implement, easy to use
  • Secure - user authentication is made through the phone SIM and an access password; sent messages contain encrypted data; the connection between the M-Wallet server and retailers is secured

SMS Gateway

SmartTel offers SMS communications through the SMS Gateway, available through all Romanian mobile telecommunications operators.

The platform connects directly to the operators’ SMSC (Short Message Service Center), which ensures the complete reliability and security of the bidirectional short messages communication solution.

  • 3G/SMS Platform
  • An interconnected platform for all your mobile banking needs
  • Connected with Core banking, Internet banking, Cards, Collection systems
  • Reliable
  • Multi-language
  • Universal - no device is incompatible with the solution
  • 24/7 access guaranteed

SmartTel has developed 3G and SMS platforms interconnected with Core banking, Internet Banking, Cards, Collection systems to provide SMS Gateway services in:

  • Mobile banking
  • One Time Password authentication
  • Automated SMS fraud alerts
  • SMS banking
  • Marketing SMS
  • Automated SMS card and collection alerts

The online SMS messaging platform provides complete autonomy for the client; it allows groups of users to upload files to be transmitted, modify message templates, view real time delivery reports and generate campaign or periodical reports.

SmartTel Marketing Email is a service for transmitting marketing emails and secured transactional or operational emails.

The email transmitting service offers an additional client communication channel, that can be used to transmit informative messages (such as the client accounts balance) as well as promotional information.

In order to personalize the content of the sent email messages, predefined templates can be used with markers for importing dynamic content from uploaded files or interconnected applications.

The platform allows the application administrator to define templates that can afterwards be used for composing emails.

The solution generates a series of standard reports, designed to cover the necessary information regarding email status and activity:

  • Incorrect addresses reports (filtering email lists: eliminating inactive, invalid, incorrect addresses);
  • Email transmission status reports;
  • Analytical reports.

The application runs requested reports based on set conditions and transmits the results by email.

  • Digital Certificate (secured email) – The electronic signature guarantees the traceability of document changes (integrity), their origin (authenticity), as well as the legal accountability of the signatory (nonrepudiation)
  • Unsubscribe – When the client opts for not receiving emails anymore, the information is stored at database level and verified upon further transmission to the respective email address
  • Tracking – The traceability of the transmitted email. If the client opens the email, the information is saved at database level and used for generating reports requested by the client

Through the Mail2SMS feature, the client can automatically transmit the text of the message and the numbers to reach by emailing them to a dedicated address; the messages are automatically collected and transmitted by SmartTel SMS Gateway. Response messages can be collected from the SMSC and automatically transmitted via Email to the client.

Using Ingenio’s software development team, SmartTel is able to transmit SMS and Email messages that are directly collected from the client’s systems: collection, CRM etc.

Built to investigate and report the status of the connections with the SMS Gateway and with the telecom operators, and send email alerts in case of interruptions or an unusual number of undelivered messages.

Alerts on suspicious events generated by the bank

SmartTel’s SMS Gateway receives alerts generated by the bank’s card system or antifraud module. An alert is sent on the client’s mobile phone when suspicious events are identified, such as:

  • Large value withdrawals on an account at the bank/ through online banking;
  • Large value withdrawals on the ATM or POS on a debit card;
  • Large value payment or out of country activity on a credit card;
  • Transactions scored “Black”/ ”High risk of fraud” by the antifraud module.
  • Early detection of fraudulent transactions
  • Non-intrusive verification channel
  • Cost effective: no call center personnel costs, no inter-network fees

SmartTel is the first mobile banking service on the Romanian market.

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