Programmed dispatch

Dispatch intervals

Standard interval


Monday – Saturday

Configurable intervals

Message type (marketing/reminder/collection)

Message content/ template

ex: According to message content, promotional messages can be transmitted until 16 00, to match branch offices functioning schedule


The messages are transmitted in the set interval  (e.g. until 16 00), undelivered messages being automatically transmitted in the correspondent  time interval on the following day

Moment of dispatch

Immediate dispatch

Programmed dispatch:

  • According to date
  • At a given date, hour
  • X hours after upload date
  • ex: Send Saturday, after 12.00
  • According to an event
  • X days before installment date
  • X days after installment date
  • On account balance change
  • On account transfer
  • On account anniversary


The rules are configurable and can be administered by application users

Personalized sender

The company may choose to send messages to clients under personalized names, for better communication or understanding.