Database processing

Data processing allows companies to understand the information stored in their databases. Through this processing, companies can clasify their customers, diminishing transactional risk and focusing certain marketing resources onto certain segments.


Cross-selling represents the strategy of selling additional products to a client that has already purchased or expressed the intention to purchase a product, therefore attracting the clients’ attention towards products and services complementary to the one they intend to buy in the beginning. The most important aspect of cross-selling is satisfying the client with the first product he purchases, along with the price and usefulness of the recommended additional products.

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is a process that divides clients in groups called segments due to marketing-relevant criteria such as age, sex, interests and behaviour. Following this process allows the company to concentrate on a certain group in certain situations, correctly allocating marketing resources.

Segmentation can be a powerful instrument in the detection of unidentified customer needs and, through this, companies can exceed competition by developing products and services for less regarded segments.