Reports and monitoring

SmartTel can generate reports on the customer’s demands and according to their needs.

Statistical reports:

  • Statistical reports on files transmitted
  • Statistical reports on messages transmitted
  • Statistical reports by source
  • Statistical reports by mobile operator
  • Statistical reports by delivery report
  • Statistical reports by file
  • Statistical reports by campaign type

Statistical reporting is available for all following types of reports. All reports can be generated on the desired period, without limitations, and can be customized upon request.

Detailed reports per message transmitted

The bank can see the status for each individual message transmitted for each phone number.

Transmission reports

The application can automatically index the SMSC responses to provide reports with the valid and invalid numbers

Delivery reports

Instant or periodical accounts on the customers reached, split by networks and send result. The delivery report returns : “Delivered”, “Not Delivered”, “Inexistent Phone Number” etc.

Customer feed-back reports

SmartTel can collect response text messages sent by the clients to the short number chosen by the bank and provide an easy to use document containing all the relevant information.