In a world where mobility and speed are well sought after, SmartTel comes with a solution that provides these attributes to bank clients. Since the mobile phone represents the most trusted and used communication device, and people rely on it in every aspect of their lives, why not save money and time even when dealing with your finances through the easiest to use service that it can provide: the SMS.

SmartTel, the first mobile banking service in Romania, was launched in June 2000, in order to offer a communication alternative between banks and their customers and a new way of distributing banking services, since mobile banking is becoming a more and more popular service among mobile telephone owners.

SmartTel has built stable partnerships with the main Romanian banks, among which BCR and Raiffeisen Bank, the SmartTel Mobile Banking service being available for their clients.

Mobile banking has multiple advantages that assure its ever growing popularity among mobile telephone users. Firstly, it saves considerable resources not only for clients, but also for banks or other companies. The use of the mobile telephone also strengthens the bond between the client and the bank, being a personal object and always within their reach. SmartTel is a non-stop, mobile and easy-to-use service, offering clients the possibility of having permanent control over their finances.